Frequently Asked Questions 
  How does a kids cold pack work?
Cold placed on an injury slows blood flow to the affected area. This can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. BumpBuddy works just like the traditional cold/ice pack that an adult uses after an injury Ė itís just made for little people!

Do you keep BumpBuddy in the fridge or freezer?
KidsColdPacks recommends keeping your BumpBuddy in the fridge as the temperature is just right for children and they stay cold long enough (about 10-15 minutes) to apply to an injury. BumpBuddy can be placed in the freezer if you prefer but it may be necessary to wrap the BumpBuddy in a cotton cloth to prevent a cold burn.

Can BumpBuddy be used as a hot pack?
Yes it can, however most childhood injuries do not require heat therapy so we do not provide instructions for use on the pack for this purpose. If you intend on using the BumpBuddy as a heat pack, fully emerge the BumpBuddy in water in a microwavable safe bowl and place on high for 3 minutes, or, place in boiling water for 5 minutes. Always check the temperature before applying. 

Can you use BumpBuddy as a teething ring?
BumpBuddy, although durable, is not designed as a teething ring and is not recommended for this purpose. 

What if my BumpBuddy splits open?
BumpBuddy is non-caustic and non-toxic. Always seek medical attention if you are worried about your child’s health and discard any broken packs.

How does Fever Reliever work?
Fever Reliever is a soft non-medicated cooling gel strip especially designed to help soothe, calm and ease symptoms and discomfort in kids for up to 10 hours. Fever Reliever contains a high water content which provides a powerful cooling effect and works by absorbing heat quickly away from the body. It can be used with traditional medications or simply on its own. It is self adhesive to the skin, requires no refrigeration and is easily removed after use. It is suitable for use with fevers, toothache, headache and muscle pain. Fever Reliever is a valuable addition to any first aid cabinet as a fast acting comfort for kids and parents alike.

How many times can I use a Fever Reliever gel strip?
Each gel strip is designed for use only once and should be discarded properly after use. There is 6 individual gel strips per box.

What age can Fever Reliever be used from?

You can use Fever Reliever on children from the age of 12 months old.

Are there any precautions for using Fever Reliever?

Fever Reliever should only be used under adult supervision especially with younger children. Do not apply to wounds or to irritated, damaged, sunburned or very sensitive skin.

Is Fever Reliever safe?

Fever Reliever is non-toxic, however if excessive redness, irritation, burning or discomfort of the skin develops, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

How do I order KidsColdPacks products?
You can order online using our secure PayPal system or you can phone with your credit card details or download the order form and either fax or mail it back with a cheque, money order or credit card. For online orders we accept Visa or MasterCard and for phone/mail/fax orders you can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

What is a multi-buy discount? 
Our special multi-buy discount allows you to purchase your first KidsColdPacks product at $9.95 and each subsequent one at only $7.95. For BumpBuddy you can take advantage of this offer either online with our special online offer packs or if you phone, fax or mail your order, you can choose the designs you want to include. To receive your multi-buy discount for Fever Reliever you will need to phone, fax or mail your order through.

I have a special discount, how do I claim this? 
You cannot claim your discount online. To claim your discount you will need to phone, mail or fax your order through as you need to quote your discount code to receive the reduced price.

How much postage is charged?
For each BumpBuddy purchased, please add $1.50 per pack ordered for orders within Australia. For Fever Reliever, please add $3.00 per box.

Can you buy KidsColdPacks products anywhere else?
Besides being able to purchase direct through KidsColdPacks, you can buy our products at a number of other retailers. You can access details of these stockists through our stockist page. New stockists are being added frequently so keep checking for a retailer near you. BumpBuddy and Fever Reliever are also available at most leading Pharmacies & Chemistís Australia wide.

Are BumpBuddy and Fever Reliever available overseas?

Yes! please contact us at for further information.

Do you ship BumpBuddy to other parts of the world?
Yes we will post your order anywhere! Please contact us at for shipping charges.

Can you use BumpBuddy cold packs for fundraising?

Yes, absolutely! Just contact KidsColdPacks and request a fundraising information pack to be sent to you. BumpBuddy is suitable for fundraising in schools, child care centreís, pre-schools, playgroups, and sports clubs and earns your group 30% profit on sales.

Is BumpBuddy & Fever Reliever available at wholesale rates?

Yes, please contact Tamara at for a wholesale information sheet and order form to be forwarded to you.

Can I become a distributor for KidsColdPacks?

Yes, if you are interested in discussing opportunities, please contact 

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