What people are saying about BumpBuddy

"Treating an upset infant who has sustained a bump/ sprain/burn is a difficult exercise at the best of times. Anything that will encourage compliance is a bonus. BumpBuddy cold packs will certainly contribute to a successful outcome."

Dr Gordon Howard, Family General Practitioner, Sydney 

"Congratulations on your innovative product, as a mum to 3 boys and a trained paediatric nurse I am well aware your cold packs are a necessity – we have a traditional, huge one in the freezer and it's a joke."

Melissa, Hawthorn, VIC

"My boys absolutely love the ball and it has made applying a cold pack so easy and whinge-free!"

Fiona, Wentworthville, NSW

"Bump Buddy has been a fantastic addition to our fridge. With three young kids running around everywhere there is a huge chance that someone is going to get hurt and if they do, they just love the idea that they can go to the fridge and get their Bump Buddy without asking. Not only have we found it great relief for bumps, scratches, bruises & bites, it has been a great way for the kids to cool themselves down on a hot summer day. The fact it’s non invasive, non-toxic and extremely safe for kids to use means Bump Buddy is the best alternative. I would recommend these to everyone.”

Krysten, Bangalow, NSW

"The cold packs are without a doubt the greatest invention ever!  My boys are using them with gusto."

Liz, Bondi Junction, NSW

"I brought one at the Baby Expo. It was the only thing I brought there. It was the only thing I thought was good."

Belinda, Northmead, NSW

"I have a 3 year old boy and 5 year old girl who are always clowning around and hitting their heads or bumping bits of their body. Whenever they did bump a part of them hard enough to cause tears, I could never get either of them to entertain the idea of having an ice-pack anywhere near them, let alone on the part that was sore. It used to cause more stress and louder cries with the approaching ice-pack. I now have a Dinosaur BumpBuddy and my kids love it! When they do hurt themselves, it is easy to get them to hold their BumpBuddy against the sore bit and it also seems to distract them from the reason they're crying in the first place. My little girl actually asks for it when she hurts herself ("I need my BumpBuddy!") or she will run and get it from the fridge if my little boy hurts himself. I have a few friends that are about to be first time parents and I have bought a wee stockpile of them to give as part of my "welcome to the world" gifts. They are a brilliant idea that most people don't know about. I know I'll be back to buy more for friends.”

Kim, Brisbane, Qld

"We're loving our BumpBuddy - which has already been put to a lot of use! Thank you."

Rocio, Sans Souci, NSW

"I am very happy with the kids ice packs I purchased!!"

Suzanne, Russell Lea, NSW
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